Protego Business Transformation

Looking to transform a technology operation in Ireland to a more efficient operating model? With extensive experience in Lean and Agile across a range of technology businesses, we can help.

We are a business and technical leadership team with strong experience in software development and consultancy operations servicing multiple sectors, and we know what works. Together with our extensive network of highly experienced professionals, we can transform your business into an efficient operation with an effective delivery team.

We can engage in several different ways, from fixed term to achieve certain milestones for your business, to long term as a strategic part of your business going forward.

Business Transformation

We know how to do transformations, cultural and technological, and recognise that both are often required to maximise operational efficiencies.

Having been a part of several initiatives by large companies, we know the pitfalls and what it takes to get it right.

Defining the correct plan, ensuring the organization buys into that plan, and executing on the plan while communicating clearly at all stages are essential to a successful transformation, and we can lead that for you.