Welcome to Protego

Protego is a software development organization specializing in providing expertise to multi-national companies who want to fast-track the establishment of software development operations in Ireland.

We recently announced a strategic partnership with REPAY, a leading provider of vertically-integrated payment solutions, to establish and rapidly grow software development teams in Ireland to design, build, and deliver trusted, innovative payment solutions for the North American market .

Who We Are

Protego is led by a team of experienced business and technology professionals, with a wealth of experience gained from many years of working with global companies.

We get a lot of satisfaction from establishing and growing highly skilled, collaborative teams to provide value to our customers, while ensuring our team members grow, develop, and have fun as part of the journey.

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What We Do

Protego specialises in providing leadership services to companies looking to establish software development operations in Ireland. We provide the foundation upon which a new organisation can be established, and will develop and grow that team as an integral part of your business.