Protego Business Startup

Starting a new technology operation in Ireland? With experience starting large and small technology organizations, Protego can help.

We are a business and technical leadership team with strong experience in scaling software development and consultancy operations servicing multiple sectors. Together with our extensive network of highly experienced professionals, we can start up and scale your business into an efficient operation with an effective delivery team.

Apart from the advantages of the skilled workforce in Ireland, there are other benefits that make operating with the right model more advantageous. Whether it’s working closely with state bodies, or taking advantage of financial incentives such as R&D Tax Credits, our experience in these areas will be of significant benefit.

We can engage in several different ways, from fixed term to achieve certain milestones for your business, to long term as a strategic part of your business going forward.

Business Startup

We know what it takes to start a business: from establishing a company, to acquiring and fitting out office space, to building and retaining a strong, effective team that delivers.

Our most recent success saw us starting a Dublin operation for a U.S. multinational with a small core team and growing to a highly skilled, collaborative and efficient team of almost 200 people with an annual budget of over $25M within 3 years.

We can be the foundation for your new organization, and build your team at a pace that suits your needs.