Architecture & Design

Protego brings considerable technical expertise and experience to your project, from start to finish. Whether it's initial requirements, architecting and designing a solution, validating the solution, or providing technical reviews during the project and prior to final delivery, we can help.

Architecture & Design Services

Protego can bring expertise and experience to the architecture & design phase of your project, helping to ensure your project starts out on the best possible footing.

Our team have extensive experience in technical leadership roles as architects, designers and technical team leads, using a wide range of technologies.

The knowledge we bring allows us to work alongside your team to ensure that the best possible solution is planned from the start, which should ensure minimal change and rework during the course of the project.

Technical Review

Meeting the requirements of a software project within budget and on time is vital for the success of the project.

Our experience can help you review your project, allowing you to validate plans, estimates, processes and code assets, fine tuning your existing processes or helping to recover projects that are not meeting expectations.

We can bring fresh insight and pragmatism to your project and provide a sanity check to all aspects of your development process:

  • Review development processes for reliability, predictability, suitability, unseen risks

  • Review technical design for suitability, technical robustness, scalability, and upgradeability

  • Review code quality, including development environment, development tools, standards and processes and overall code health

Solution Prototyping

Protego can help you select technologies and build prototypes to evaluate potential solutions. Working within your technical and financial constraints, we can use our expertise and experience to help you to identify and select the best technology, tools and design for your project.

We have experience building highly focused prototypes for the purpose of evaluating and comparing candidate tools and software frameworks.

We also have considerable experience extending, adapting and integrating external and open source frameworks for use in enterprise software solutions.